A Quiet Wood

A Quiet Wood

Monday, September 24, 2007

Seven Levels of Torment

Why is it that when we're tired everything seems bigger, more ominous and menacing? (Don't answer that. I know the reason. It was rhetorical. Good grief...you're so eager to show off your knowledge.) Today was one of those days. Short, restless night = stressful day trying to stifle that perpetually annoyed feeling. OK, to be completely honest, the whole day wasn't like that. (It just seems like it because I'm tired.) There were some wonderful interactions with old friends, great conversations with kindred spirits, but there were also some crazy people and some stressful moments. Thus, when I received notice that I had been TAGGED, I felt like I had entered into some bad reenactment of Dante's Inferno. Seven random facts? What? You've got to be kidding me! I don't even know seven things about myself right now! (See, I told you I was tired.) However, one thing I've learned about being weary, one should usually never go with one's first response. It most often is, in my case anyway, over the top, emotional, and possibly not the best option. Thus, the weary email to my dear friend asking to be "excused" from the game. (Sorry, Tara.) Well, I've gotten a second wind and have decided to wring out seven random facts from somewhere. (I can even make them up if worse comes to worse.)

1. My middle name is Joy because the first thing my dad said when he saw me was, "Joy, joy, joy." *feel free to say "awwwww" or become annoyed with the sentimentality - as you so desire*

2. I don't know how to skate (roller or ice).

3. I once spent the night alone in the Cincinnati airport due to snowy conditions. (Thanks, Kimberly, for the memory.)

4. I enjoy the original versions of stories much better than their Disney counterparts.

5. I really love Boston Baked Beans. (I used to buy them for 10 cents a box when I was a little kid.)

6. I listen to a lot of NPR on the weekends (Car Talk; PHC; This American Life; The Splendid Table; Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me; Sound Money; Weekend America; Rick Steves; etc.). Yes, some of them are wildly liberal and make me absolutely furious, but they also make me think. And I think that's important!

7. Just about every time I've had heart problems, I've told my friends I thought it was just a fluke. (14 heart caths, 7 stents, 3 bypasses, & 1 cracked sternum later, I think maybe it was for real.) Thanks to another good friend for this insight.

Yay!! I did it!! And I'm glad I did. So there, you nasty, tired, decrepit, old bad mood.

You know, there's one other thing that can cure a bad mood pretty quickly. Allow me to share it with you.

See what I mean? Have a great one!!


Cindy said...

Hey, you!
Sorry you had a stressful day, but glad your bad mood has now dissolved. Maybe this will make you even gladder: I'm coming to see you sometime in October( big cheesey grin.Hey! Stop that muttering under your breath! You know you love me... :)

Like the picture of the Bean...he's seriously cute! Oh, and I enjoyed the story about your middle name! How cute is your dad?! My mom wanted to name me Joy, and my dad wouldn't let her. I think he WAS overjoyed, he just didn't want to name me that. So they decided on Sue. I think I got the worst end of the deal. For real. It's my mom's middle name, but even she doesn't like it(sigh.)Not that you needed to know that on a public forum. I'm just feeling really verbal tonight :)

Okay friend, consider yourself e-hugged. And if you need to escape for a weekend sometime, you know where I live. You're always welcome, and you know that. Love you!

jenny said...

One thing about this tag thing...it's reminded me how much you and Kimber like to whine about who was the greater martyr! Such a funny memory...

kayla said...

I'm so glad that your bad mood is over. That makes me say "joy, joy , joy". Seriously, you are so right about everything seeming bigger when you are tired. I have to watch myself or I can really blow things out of proportion after a night without sleep.
Enjoyed your sharing about yourself. Glad you changed your mind.

Kimberly said...

Us..martyrs...say it ain't so! Knew most of these, but still fun to hear. Yah for NPR!! Yah for liberals!! Yah for refusing to tag other people!
Here's hoping you're less annoyed!
And thankful that heart is behaving!

Tara said...

You know, when it comes to being martyrs....I really could take the cake these days. Especially in the no sleep arena. My beloved infant son is having sleep issues. And if there's anything worse than being completely sleep-deprived, it has to be going to sleep..and then getting up....going back to sleep....getting back up....going back to sleep....stumbling out of bed again...going back to ....well, I think you get the point. I'm pretty much a zombie these days! (don't they use some sort of sleep-deprivation thing in coercing info out of federal prisoners?)
So I totally get the whole "too tired to be tagged" thing. And you're such courageous souls for refusing to tag others! :O)
And, Sonja Joy, I'm less than 2 hrs away, ya know. If you wanna hang out, I'd love to get with you one of these days. Let's try to do that, 'kay?!
Love ya!

Toots said...

I enjoyed this post so much. I love to see people write or talk or sing or whatever their way out of the doldrums! We all have those days. I didn't know the seven facts about you, so it was fun to read them.
And, the baby...what a precious picture! Nothing like the beautiful innocence of a child.
Hope you get lots of rest tonight!

Sarah Cook said...

Hey, I got on your blog today to tag you, and behold, you have already been tagged! Oh, well... I htink I am going to have a hard time finding people who haven't been tagged... check out my blog to see the boring info I had to share!

Liz said...

Well.. as usual...I read your post late thus making all I have to say about it....well...already said. anyhoo..great post! Very cute wittle, bitty, baby!

Sharlyn said...

Hugs, hugs, hugs...it was so good to see you the last couple of days. Your little Bean is a cutie. I got to see him for a minute and his smile made my day! Be not weary, my friend!

Juwah said...

What a babe!

Hey bring you and your bad mood this way. Since I NEVER have bad moods, it's ALWAYS my husband, kids or friends that have the PROBLEMS! NOT ME!

Juwah said...

I loved reading your 7 things list. I knew you were S.JOY.v, but didn't know why.

btw, TH really does scream at night. Horrifying.

Andy, Dixie & "Bean" said...

Hi Aunt Sonja,
It is nice to see pictures of me on your blog. Mommy hasn't posted anything interesting for a long time. I think she has pictures on her camera, but she keeps talking about not having enough time. Aunt Sonja, what is "time" and where can I get her some more?
Thanks for watching me while mommy teaches.
See you later.

Kim M. said...

It was great to read your 7 random things and nice of you to kick that bad mood and do it anyhow :-)
I love the one about your middle name. Your dad is adorable.

LadyAnne said...

I volunteer to take you skating. Actually, roller or Ice. But ice is much more fun.(and I am better at it) Plus there may be more places to go up here than in the balmy weather I am used to. I will use you as an excuse to go. :)

Making Memories 1999 said...

Thanks for sharing the seven things and for your comment on my blog! I so understand about things seeming bigger when you're tired!! Not a good time for me to engage in a deep discussion!!

What a handsome little guy!!

We missed you this weekend!! Hope you can come over some other weekend! Have a great day!

cheriepasbjerg said...

I love NPR. I remember in chemistry class (our big class--you me and Roger), I brought something up that I had heard on NPR and Mrs. Dr. Brown didn't even want to hear it because "you listen to NPR? that is way too liberal!" Actually I like to hear both sides of the story and their Sunday and Saturday shows are great. My cousin was just a contestant on "Wait Wait" pretty cool!