A Quiet Wood

A Quiet Wood

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Loose Ends

It's the evening of Easter, a beautiful celebration of Christ's ultimate victory. I've spent this Easter weekend on duty here on the Hilltop. Fortunately, most of the denizens of my dorm chose to spend their weekend elsewhere, so it was actually a nice weekend to be on call. My buddy Cindy came over Friday and stayed until Saturday which was a special treat. So, all in all a glorious time was had by all.

It seems like I have a lot to say since it has been a while, but now that I actually sit down to blog I'm not sure I'll remember everything. (Please quit weeping and gnashing your teeth. I'll do my best.) Week before last we had our combination Winter and Jr./Sr. banquet - dubbed "College Banquet" on the calendar. I thought that was an original title. It was actually a really nice evening. I enjoyed it immensely. The food was good, and the fellowship was second to none. And the students looked really nice too. Sometimes I think it's good to have an excuse to dress up! I put a new picture of my little buddy, looking quite dapper in a tiny tux, on the top of my blog, but I know that you are dying for another peek at him in all his glory. I will oblige you. Here he is with his mom.

I also had an opportunity to get a photo with my staff. As you can see from the pic, you have to be a bit crazy to work for me.

And this post would not be complete without a nod to a few of my exercise buddies in one of our Turbo Jam poses.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun.

This past week, my girls surprised me with a late Christmas present/party. Their excuse for the timing was that they were celebrating "You're in Control Day" which, if I remember correctly is March 30. (One of my girls couldn't figure out why people would celebrate urine control day when the idea was pitched to her. I guess it helps if you can see the title written down.) Anyway, they made crowns for Dixie (my Assistant Dean) and me. With things like "I'm in control" written on them. They also had great food, sang a song in my honor, and gave me an mp3 player. I was deeply moved, to say the least. It was a very special evening. Moments like that really help to make the job worthwhile!

This past week was also an important anniversary for me. Any of you who have been on this journey with me for a while know that when I started my blog I had just had open heart surgery. Last week marked the 1 year anniversary of the big event. I have successfully stayed out of the hospital for one year! That may not seem like a big deal to some, but I haven't been able to say that since Sept. 2003. Needless to say, it's a pretty big deal to me, and I feel LOTS of gratitude to my Heavenly Father for helping things to even out a bit. Thanks also to all of my faithful friends who walked the journey with me and stood by me through some rather dark times. I pray that you will be rewarded in great measure for your kindness!

One more note. I've been in the book of Mark in my devotions of late, and I have been smacked in the face with how many times Jesus told people that it was their faith that saved them, healed them, etc. I've been asking myself how many times I limit God in my life because of my faithlessness. There was the women that held the hem of Jesus cloak and received healing. I've wondered how many times I brush up against the cloak of Jesus and never take hold in faith. I know that there is a difference between presumption and bold faith, and I pray that I can know the difference. I was challenged by Jesus admonition to the man whose son was demon possessed. The man said, "...if You can do anything, take pity on us and help us!" Jesus said, "'If You can?' All things are possible to him who believes." And I love the man's response, "I do believe; help my unbelief." How refreshingly honest. I want this to be my prayer. I want to believe, and I pray that God will help my unbelief!

Monday, March 3, 2008


It is 10:11pm. I sit in the Chair of Power. I've been in here most of the day except for a brief foray to the grocery store for provisions. (One must eat, I am told.) Oh yes, and there was that quick morning trip to the library and Starbucks; after which I promptly dumped my tall decaf nonfat latte on the floor outside my office. Sigh. I'm weary. My brain feels like the aforementioned "mush". I shouldn't feel like this. We just had a week and a half of break. I should be energized, ready to lick the world. But I'm not. Maybe I should go to bed. Hmmmm. Nah, it's more fun to write dark, pitiful things for the consumption of those who find themselves at my blogging mercy. *evil laughter*

Actually, I am not (despite the evidence to the contrary) depressed. It has really been a great day. The break was just that - a break. Although I stayed here since my highschoolers didn't really get a break, the pace was slower, and the relaxation was real. As always, my green chair blessed my life on a daily basis. :) I left the blog world for a while as well. I find this helpful from time to time. I can become overwhelmed with the need to constantly check up on everyone, so sometimes it's good for me to take a sabbatical - if only for a short while. Anyway, I started trying to catch up tonight, and my Google reader said that I have 140 or so new posts to read. Aaaaaaaaauuuuuugh! Needless to say, I barely scratched the surface this evening. (Some of the blogs on my reader have very prolific authors!)

Anyway, there's no special news. It may take me a while to come up with something as exciting as my last post. One can only blog on sex so often without being thought of as some sort of social deviant. (I am not a social deviant.) I must say that the dialogue that post (and my talk here) raised has certainly been interesting and eye-opening. Anyway, enough on that.

I continue to read Jeremiah and be consistently amazed at how stubborn we humans can be. But I also continue to be amazed at the grace of our Father who warns and pleads and warns and pleads over and over again; a God who does not delight in punishment; a God who promises deliverance even in the midst of destruction; a God whose ultimate plan is redemptive - even when it means the need to discipline; a God who always keeps His word. I am humbled and grateful that this God lets me call Him, "Abba".