A Quiet Wood

A Quiet Wood

Monday, March 3, 2008


It is 10:11pm. I sit in the Chair of Power. I've been in here most of the day except for a brief foray to the grocery store for provisions. (One must eat, I am told.) Oh yes, and there was that quick morning trip to the library and Starbucks; after which I promptly dumped my tall decaf nonfat latte on the floor outside my office. Sigh. I'm weary. My brain feels like the aforementioned "mush". I shouldn't feel like this. We just had a week and a half of break. I should be energized, ready to lick the world. But I'm not. Maybe I should go to bed. Hmmmm. Nah, it's more fun to write dark, pitiful things for the consumption of those who find themselves at my blogging mercy. *evil laughter*

Actually, I am not (despite the evidence to the contrary) depressed. It has really been a great day. The break was just that - a break. Although I stayed here since my highschoolers didn't really get a break, the pace was slower, and the relaxation was real. As always, my green chair blessed my life on a daily basis. :) I left the blog world for a while as well. I find this helpful from time to time. I can become overwhelmed with the need to constantly check up on everyone, so sometimes it's good for me to take a sabbatical - if only for a short while. Anyway, I started trying to catch up tonight, and my Google reader said that I have 140 or so new posts to read. Aaaaaaaaauuuuuugh! Needless to say, I barely scratched the surface this evening. (Some of the blogs on my reader have very prolific authors!)

Anyway, there's no special news. It may take me a while to come up with something as exciting as my last post. One can only blog on sex so often without being thought of as some sort of social deviant. (I am not a social deviant.) I must say that the dialogue that post (and my talk here) raised has certainly been interesting and eye-opening. Anyway, enough on that.

I continue to read Jeremiah and be consistently amazed at how stubborn we humans can be. But I also continue to be amazed at the grace of our Father who warns and pleads and warns and pleads over and over again; a God who does not delight in punishment; a God who promises deliverance even in the midst of destruction; a God whose ultimate plan is redemptive - even when it means the need to discipline; a God who always keeps His word. I am humbled and grateful that this God lets me call Him, "Abba".


The Lazy Philosopher said...

I tiptoed by your door and waved a very quiet greeting very very early this morning.
I'm glad you had a good "break".

Kimberly said...

Goodness...maybe I won't try to figure out that google reader thingie after all:)...but don't feel any pressure to "check up"!!..it's really NOT a need!!

sorry about the latte...truly a loss!!

"A God who does not delight in punishment"..well-put..for that I am very grateful!

Susanna said...

Sonja, I can empathize with you over the latte!! I've had days like that! Glad you're still blogging!! Love ya!

Jo said...

So that's what that spot is outside the office door. I saw it, but figured you had it all under control beings that you sit in the "Chair of Power" and all...lol

jenny said...
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jenny said...

Really inspiring thoughts from Jeremiah...you have compelled me to do some reading there.

Take it easy, my friend. You really MUST take care of yourself...and if you don't, I pray the Lord surrounds you with faithful friends who will make you!!

Mary Ellen said...

Yeah a new blog from Sonya - who is not a prolific author but I wish she were as I so enjoy reading her blogs.

Here's hoping tomorrow finds you feeling much more rested, sitting in your chair of power with your latte firmly in your grip!

Your prolific author former neighbor Mary Ellen. "-)

Toots said...

So good to have you join our ranks again! Missed you.
Yes, what a sigh of contentment it brings when I reflect on the truth of what you shared,...that HE wants us to be HIS children.
Blessings, my friend, and may all your lattes remain in the cup...at least until you drink them!

cheriepasbjerg said...

Rest up and live in your jammies all you can!

Sonja said...

Lazy Phil - sorry I missed you, but thanks for whispering. ;)

Thanks to all for the sympathy on the latte. It was a good one, too. So sad.

As the week has progressed, I have found that getting back into the swing of things is not wholly a bad thing. I'm actually being much more disciplined - which makes me feel better. Hmmmm.

Kim M. said...

Hey Sonja,

I have enjoyed your blog entries (love the titles too!).

Speaking of Jammies... Did you know you can roll them up and pin them so no one can see them under your skirt? Although people may think you've added a few pounds, it might be worth it to get to wear them.

Liz said...

Glad you're back!
Liz S.

The Maka Family said...

Hi Ms. V! Just came across your blog and thought I would say a quick hello! Trust you are doing well...I can see you are keeping busy :) We have been in the house for the past two days due to the wonderful winter wonderland....I am hoping it is the last of it...I am ready for it to be warm! Anyhoo..Im rambling..have a wonderful day!

Juwah said...

Hola friend!

I can identify I once spilled a full 44 oz Mt. Dew on the floor board of my car. While the Mt.Dew did not cost me as much as your latte, it was a great loss. (and a huge mess)

So looking forward to seeing you soon.

Tara said...

So glad you returned to blog-world, too! Love you friend.

kayla said...

Just thought I'd say that I am gearing my boys up for VBS this summer. Maybe we can go get a latte one night after. I'll carry it for you.

Making Memories 1999 said...

Have enjoyed doing a little catch-up on your blog! Glad you enjoyed your break, and sorry about that latte! :-)

I read your last blog entry, and want to say thank you for being willing to address a much needed subject, even though I'm sure it wasn't easy. I was reminded of your brother's song "Like a city on a hill, like a beam in the darkness." Thank you for shining that light of truth.

May your weekend be blessed by HIM!

He is our Peace! said...

Hey, girl! I just dropped by to wish you a happy Easter! Thank you for sharing your world. It's great to hear about the impact you are making. I'm thankful my younger sibling has such great people of wisdom around him!
Love ya,