A Quiet Wood

A Quiet Wood

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I should be asleep. I should. I was. But not anymore. Oh, well. Now I sit...awake in my green chair.

"I could blog," I thought. So here I am, blogging. Unfortunately, I realize that, while many things have happened in the last few weeks, there really isn't much I can blog about. Not that I have a wildly exciting secret life of which I can share no details. No, nothing quite that spectacular. (I don't even have The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.) It's just that much of my life centers around the girls God has given me, and I choose not to share their struggles, joys, heartaches, blunders, etc. with the outside world. I care about them too much for that. Suffice it to say that the last couple of weeks have made me realize my moment by moment need for Jesus. They have made me thankful for those in my life who work alongside me and help me bear burdens; for those who remind me that there is only one Savior...and it is not I. (Unfortunately, I seem to need that reminder more often than I would like to admit!) I have also truly enjoyed my girls recently. Some of them can make me laugh so hard that...well, let's just say they make me laugh hard! I am truly blessed to do what I do. I am consistently amazed and thankful for a Father who so beautifully matches our gifts with ministries that will make a difference in His Kingdom while giving us a sense of complete fulfillment. What an amazing God!

Speaking of my girls, one of them make this for my birthday in August.

It's a fruit bouquet. Cool huh?

This weekend was Homecoming. It went well. I did the traditional dorm-wide room check to make sure everything was squeaky clean for our guests. Unfortunately, the upperclassmen told horror stories to the Freshmen about the thoroughness of my checking. I had some pretty paranoid girls. God love their hearts. =) However, I think some of them are anxiously waiting for next year when they can do the same thing to the newbies!

I just finished working my way through Psalm 119 in my devotions. If you want to be deeply convicted about your love for God's law, read this Psalm! It has been an incredible blessing to me. Allow me to share two verses that have been especially meaningful. I put them up in my office as a reminder. (NASB version)

133. Establish my footsteps in Your word, and do not let any iniquity have dominion over me.

165. Those who love Your law have great peace, and nothing causes them to stumble.

V. 133 is my prayer. Truly, I do not want any iniquity to have dominion over me. To take it a step further, I want to be ruled by NOTHING save God Himself. I love the concept of establishing. What beautiful connotations! What security - to be founded in and by God's Word. Obviously, if God's Word is to establish my footsteps, I've got to know it! It is my responsibility to love His Word, to feed on it, to let it cleanse me. As I do this, there are many byproducts, and one of the most beautiful is peace. In a crazy, changing, panicked world I am promised "great peace." I am promised a cure for stumbling. What a promise! Do I really believe it? Do I live like I do?

Good night, my friends. I wish you peace. If you don't have it...see above. =)


Mary Ellen said...

When my daughter goes to college I pray she will have a dean that either IS you or one whose heart beats like yours. I know you are doing an amazing job as you surrogate parents those young ladies, how blessed each one of them are. Some may know it now, most will only realize it later.

CharleneOwensMomof2 said...

I agree with what Mary said, but unfortunately, I don't have a daughter that you could be your dean. Maybe you could clone yourself in man form to be the dean for my sons.:) First, I love the fruit bouquet. So cute!! Second, I am thankful that we can have that peace in these crazy, crazy times as well.
Love you girl!

Kimberly said...

You know it's late when one refers to "The Secrt life of Walter Mitty":) AND I fear you may secretly be a Biden fan...using his often quoted "love their hearts" phrase!:)

The frivolous out of the way, your good words pointing to the renewing power of the Word are so rich and true. I am convinced of it's cleansing/sustaining power. And how good to know we DON'T have to be the ones to "fix" all the messy things we encounter. We Can't! (although I'm sure you do a good job doing your part!) This morning we sang "I Need Thee Every Hour". (certainly true for me) Love Ya!

Jo said...
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Jo said...

I had to smile about embelishing the room checks! I remember well...Mary Hallenbach had several of my fellow classmates convinced you went through our dresser drawers! lol I, on the other hand, have NEVER reduced myself to such tactics! LOL Ok, maybe a few. Fine! Lots.

I was going to refrain from commenting on the subject but since someone has already mentioned it...We are very lucky to have such a wonderful Dean of Women!

Brent Vernon said...

This is beautiful, sis.

Cheryl Watters said...

Great post! You do a wonderful job with the girls you work with. Blessings on your day.

Cindy said...

You are an amazing dean. Er...make that ex-dean. Fortunately for me, you are not an ex-friend, but remain a very dear one. Thanks for your reminder about seeking our peace through His Word. Love you!

Toots said...

What calming, refreshing, truths... Sonja. Thank you.

julie f said...

Wonderful thoughts, as always. The older I get, the more I realize my need for God's Word.
I echo the thoughts of others concerning your "ministry"...you are giving of yourself to these girls in a beautiful way.
Blessings on you!!

Juwah said...

Funny you should mention the freshmen being paranoid about you. I was telling an ex-GBSer about Kayla's post where she spilled about our "adventures" in the dorm. She laughed and said, "Oh I can't imagine doing that with Miss. V, I don't think she would find it amusing." I had to laugh! I won't say a word more because you need to seem terrifying and serious. ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually, remembering what I do of those escapades, your "ex-GBSer" is probably right. (I AM terrifying and serious.) ;)

cheriepasbjerg said...

I bet you are the BEST Dean of Women ever! How blessed those girls are to have you.

kayla said...

Love the verses. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
We really enjoyed having your people (GBSers) down here this weekend.
I'm working on a plaque of Mrs. A for the girl's dorm here. Just think many years from now you could gave one there, but you have to kinder. Loosen up!

Anonymous said...

What?! Loosen up? You've got to be kidding me. I'll just have to do without the plaque, I guess.


jenny said...

I love the fruit bouquet...I have seen the advertisements for those and thought if I were really ambitious I would try to do that. My ambitions have failed me thus far. Your girl did a great job for you...and you are certainly deserving.

I've been studying Moses for Kids Club this week and was reminded of what a gift the Law is to us. Great words and perspective from Ps 119.

~Heather~ said...

I just read your comment on Kimber's blog about you looking "in all the wrong places" for your man and wondering if there was a 2nd world's biggest man? Sorry to break this news to you, but the 2nd biggest man just died a couple weeks ago. =)

No, being serious now, I have you and Kimber on a special list that I am praying for God to send y'all the right "Mr. Rights" (and SOON!!=)

I enjoyed watching what you had to say about your Dad in the Pastor appreciation video on Sunday. Too cute!