A Quiet Wood

A Quiet Wood

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Sunny Day

After my last foray into madness, I must tell you that the sun is out, the day is warm, the pain meds are working, and life is good. :) Today is our Spring picnic, and hopefully it will be a lovely day. I'm wearing a ball cap -- not something I do well. I'll try to post a picture for everyone's amusement. To make it even more amusing, it has the word "marathon" on it. I participated in a mini-marathon to support heart health during my hospitalization. My fellow participants were mostly in their 70's and up. It was one of those experiences I will remember for a lifetime -- walking along with others in wheelchairs or pushing their oxygen tanks. I actually enjoyed it immensely. Humor is everywhere if only we look hard enough. (By the way, I won.)

Have a sunny day!


Juwah said...

Hey, you are associating with greatness when you wear a Marathon hat. The boys and I have been listening to history cds and we learned that the Marathon is name after the greek city Marathon. Once the Greeks conquered a terrible foe (I think the Spartans, but I'm terrible with details) a couragous young man ran all day and all night back to Marathon to tell the city that they were safe. When he arrived be gasped out, "We have won" and then he dropped dead from exhaustion. Nice story huh? Can I borrow your hat? :)

Kelly S said...

Hi Sonja,

Glad today is a little better of a day for you. Will be praying for you.

I can't tell you what a blessing your testimony was at IHC. Your words spoke to me and I know you touched many other people also.

Sometimes I feel like I'm on the other side of the world out here in the country but I'm really not. I'm only 15-20 minutes from GBS. If you ever need ANYTHING, let me know - and I really mean it. Don't feel like doing laundry? etc. - just give me a call. 859-694-3124. Also, I'm over there every Tuesday for Joshua's music lessons at Robyn's house.

Was fun reading your blog! I love your sense of humor.

~ Kelly (Ellers) Stamper

Tara said...

Doncha just LOVE pain meds?!?
They are the bomb. :)

~Heather~ said...

GIRL...you gave us all a BIG scare! (And maybe you even scared yourself. =) I'm sooo glad that you are on the mend...but I don't think you should be feeling guilty for not working full-speed-ahead yet! =) I try to pray for you daily! So glad that you joined the blogger world...it surely is a FUN way to keep in contact with your friends. AND YES WE DO WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR RECOVERY...that's where you are right now, and we as your friends care and want to know!
Cute pics on your blog!
Love, Heather =)

The Lazy Philosopher said...

So I'm killing time reading the visitor stats on my blog (Yes, I was excessively bored.), and I run across a visitor that came from a blog I'd never heard of. TickerTrouble? So, of course I had to visit and find out how in the world I managed to be linked from someone I didn't even know.
Guess who I know!
Glad to see you on here, it's a cool crazy cyber world. Stop by my place now and then, occasionally there are cybersnacks to be had, and I'm an excellent cook.

Kimberly N. said...

Would love to see a pic. of you in the hat..(of course, you're cool and actually have a digital camera)
And now we can call you "marathon winner??..who'd have thunk it!!:)BTW..you didn't sound like a sufferer of "madness" but of some crazy times!

Anita Dalkin said...

Hello Sonja,

Just stopp'n by to say hi and that we are praying for you way over here across the big pond in England. I found out about your site through Julia's site. Hope you don't mind if I have a sneak peak once in awhile.

God Bless,
Anita (Kerr)Dalkin

kayla said...

Please get the picture with the up soon. Your Mom told me about the marathon and I laughed very hard at the mental picture.
You are in our thoughts and prayers. Hope to spend some time together this summer.

Marty said...

Hey Sonja!

Love the story of the marathon...I had a good laugh! I love your sense of humor even in the toughest of situations. And I need to hear about your health issues to know how to ask God to help! Thanks for the updates. Hope you had fun a the spring picnic.

Philip said...

I was so glad you were able to make it to the picnic! The hat idea was good - I should have thought of that for Daniel. Poor child doesn't have enough hair to protect him so he has a nice rosy look today. If you need/want supper anytime just give me a holler. -Marianne-

David and Sarah Fry said...

I like you. That is a mental picture that will give me a smile inside for awhile.