A Quiet Wood

A Quiet Wood

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Today was communion Sunday at church. I love communion. I am one of those individuals who relishes the sacraments. This morning I was overwhelmed with a sense of being a part of something so much bigger than myself. For hundreds of years the same words have been said, the same elements have been passed, and millions of my brothers and sisters of many different stripes and labels have remembered...together. Together we partake of the symbols of His body and blood. Together we receive the grace that comes to us through our obedience to "do this in remembrance of Me". Together we cling to Him as our only hope of salvation. Together. His Body. His Bride. We are one. Truly this is "communion".


Kimberly said...

I agree w/these sentiments! And I love to hear you sing "How Beautiful" I love the Catholic focus on the cleansing/strengthening/communal role of communion..I know, cleansing of the heart is not simply through communion, but still..the sacrements are certainly symbols of what truly does occur. Glad you had this encouragement.

Tara said...

I too love to hear you sing "How Beautiful". We also partook (is that right??) of communion this morning. So we were communing together though miles apart. Working in a United Methodist Church for nearly five years now, I have learned to appreciate certain 'rituals' (for lack of a better word right now) in a whole new way. Your thoughts on Communion were heart-warming.
Hope to see you next week, nu?!?

kayla said...

Thanks for sharing. I too always enjoy the sacredness of communion service. I think I'll request Dr. Peak have you sing "How Beautiful" this summer.

Cindy said...

I enjoyed partaking of communion with you yesterday...I guess you could say we broke bread :) And really yummy bread it was too!
No, seriously, it was a great experience. It was different from my norm, but different can be good. I definitely felt my heart drawn to God.
Good post...as always. btw, I wanna hear you sing "How Beautiful." Maybe Phil could arrange it for the next time?
Love you, sista :)

jenny said...

We had communion on Sunday as well. It is a really awesome thought to meditate on how these really quite simple symbols unite us with our brothers and sisters around the world. I think we tend to think of the connections to those in our churches who partake with us but lose sight of the partaking with all of God's children (past, present, and different geographical location).

What are your thoughts on children at the Lord's Table? As Methodists we have no clear point to guide our children to (as the Anglicans and Catholics can point to confirmation). Recently read a magazine from Calvin (Christian Reformed) in which they have ammended their stance to allow children who have made full proclamations and been baptized to partake at the Lord's Table.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments, sisters. It is always a joy to commune with you. :-)

Have never really given much serious thought to the children at the Lord's Table issue. Off the cuff, it would seem to me that if a child has made a full proclamation of faith and seems to understand (as much as possible) what that means, he should be welcomed at the Lord's Table. I tend to think it will be more individualized depending on the child's maturity and development. I would probably agree with the Reformed stance at this point. Thanks for getting my brain going.