A Quiet Wood

A Quiet Wood

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wooooo Hoooooo!

He's here! The child is here! *victory dance around the room* After long months of waiting, Carson Benjamin (better known to friends and family as "Beanie") finally made his entrance into this cruel, sinful world. He looks a little squished and cone-headed, but I think he's wonderful. I know, I'm gushing, but I can't seem to help myself. I'm becoming someone I've always made fun of. *sigh* But I THINK HE'S SO COOL! *sorry* Mom and baby are both doing well. I bow at the feet of any woman who can do this. Dixie has risen almost to the status of divinity in my eyes after watching what she did. Bravo to all of my other friends who have been there, done that! I mean, I've seen several births but haven't been through the laboring process with anyone I loved or had a deep connection to. It's pretty different when that gets figured in. Also, a pitch for the husband - Andy did a marvelous job "supporting". He was really great. Anyway, I'll stop the verbal diarrhea and just post a few pics of the blessed event.

Here is the happy family with Gina, Dixie's nurse. She was incredible.

Here is the happy me with the new little person. (I seem to be able to cheese it at a moment's notice. They tell me that I was even smiling and waving right after heart surgery while still on the vent. Go figure. One must always be ready.)

Here is the dude himself. (Remember, he's very new, has had his head squeezed for hours, and has just been yanked from his warm water world. He can't be expected to look his absolute best, but isn't he cool? I mean, really. I think I would look much worse under the circumstances. Especially my hair would be worse.)

Here he is looking a bit more put together with his pround Nanna. (Love the pompom. Also love that word..."pompom". Say it, it's fun.)

Anyway, I'm done. Just wanted to share my joy (and also fulfill promises to friends far away who are waiting to see him *hi guys*). I'm sure I'll have more to say later. You know me. :) Toodles!

*Thanks to any of you who actually said "pompom"...outloud.*


Kimberly said...

He's really cute..a new little gbs'er:) Now they have to think up a really cool auntie name for you!

Jo said...

Yea!!!!!!!!! He has arrived and he is VERY cute. A good point has been made...a cool auntie name...I'll have to think on it.

Juwah said...

How wonderful! Give my best to the Divine Mother. I gush with you and say he is so cute!!

Aunt Sonni
Tia Sonj
Tia Sonni
Aunt V
Auntsie Joy
Joyous Aunt

Just some ideas

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm. Not...quite... I think they're still missing something. Great ideas, though. Thanks for making me giggle. :)

kayla said...

Give Dixie my Congrats. There is something very special about little baby boys.
I so glad to see that another child will grow up with the nickname "Beanie". Make sure that they realize that there will always be two or three older ladies that will still call him that even when he is all grown up.

Cindy said...

Auntie Sonja!
Yay!!!!! Hope's baby is here :) Does Dixie know she has to share him? Ha! He is adorable and I can't wait to meet him this weekend! I'll start charging my camera now :)
Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop today, and for posting pics of my newest "nephew." I love him already...even sight unseen.
As far as the auntie names, "Aunt Cindy" works well for me, though Jared called me "Shooshie" for awhile :) I didn't mind. Regardless of your title, you'll be an incredible auntie!
Okay, gotta get a little shut-eye. Looking forward to seein' ya this weekend. Love ya!

Joyce said...

Sonja, pretty neat blog, (especially since my grandson is the star for the week!)

Liz said...

I said it (pompom) out loud. Darrell said, "What?!" I didn't even bother explaining.

Thanks for the great pictures. He's precious! Give Dixie my regards (don't say that out loud - I don't like it). No really, tell her I'm really proud - and he's adorable.

Better go.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lizzy! You made my day! Anyone who says it outloud is a true soulmate. :)

Kim M. said...

Awweee..... how precious! I just looked at pictures of Marty's new nephew too.
My baby days are over now, but it's so fun to look at others' babies. I just don't miss all that birthing stuff AT ALL. Dixie looks pretty good. The pictures of me after my first child would SCARE someone and make all non-mothers never want to EVER EVER have a child. Oh well..
Hope you figure out what to be called soon. Maybe the little dude can come up with it on his own. Those are the best ones. :-)

jenny said...

I think birth is such a magical miracle. I bet you were an awesome coach.

Wanted to let you know you had me stumped for a bit. When you said "Rain" was your favorite Sara Groves song....I thought "is she thinking of the same singer?" Then I dug out my cds until I found it. What a great song I had no idea existed. So applicable to your life right now, too. Hope you "feel Him in the rain."

The fun part of that song is trying to imitate the lilts(especially great for persons like myself, lacking musical ability to begin with).

Anita Dalkin said...

Congratulations on becoming an Auntie.

I've started a book group for all my Christian women friends. You are welcome to join.


Regi said...

Definitely the cutest kid I've seen in a while! Congrats Auntie!

Lil Joe... said...

i said 'pompom' out loud for you... :) You make me laugh!

coffeechica said...

he is so adorable! thanks for posting pix and for giving me the details today. btw... i love reading your blogs they always cheer my day and make me smile (often laugh out loud!!) with much love!

dorcas said...

Well, I wanted to say pompom out loud but I'm at work and I didn't want my co-worker to think I was losing it. The baby is adorable. I'm glad he's here safe and sound!