A Quiet Wood

A Quiet Wood

Friday, November 2, 2007

Aaaaaaand We're Rolling...

Well, lest any of you dear folks out there begin to think that I leave posts up for an inordinate amount of time just to see how many comments I can get and if anyone will notice I'm missing, I decided to actually give you another offering. To be honest, the last month is a bit of a blur due to the amount of activity and lack of prolonged time to actually stop, rest, and reflect. I've worked three of the last five weekends and the weekends in between when I didn't work had major activities associated with them (Homecoming & Youth Challenge/my cousin's wedding). So, as you can imagine, I feel a bit blurry around the edges myself. But time off is coming if I can just hold on a bit longer. (Hallelujah.)

It was really great to meet up with old friends for at least a few brief moments at Youth Challenge. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of all of you, but the fellowship was sweet (though abbreviated). You know who you are! What a beautiful thing to be blessed with people who know you well and "knew you when" and love you anyway! Wow! What a precious gift. I know some YC pics have already made their way onto other blogs, but I'll post a few anyway.

Like I said, what a blessing!

This picture pretty much sums it up with these young ladies! (I'm actually under strict orders not to post this - which made me want to do it all the more. Sorry, Lauren, it's just too good!)

And what great kids! I won't name them all, but they are pretty cool! (And they know who they are anyway.)

After being Challenged along with the Youth, Brent and I left for Missouri and my cousin Phil's wedding around midnight Friday night. We made it to El Dorado Springs just before 9am, did a quick clean up and change of clothing and were at the church by just after 10:30am. We set up, took pictures, did some last minute practicing, and were in place looking our best when the prelude began at 12:30pm. The Lord was merciful upon our tired voices, and the music seemed to go pretty well. The couple was married without difficulty, and another single cousin bit the dust. As my Aunt so kindly reminded my cousin, Paul, "Well, it's just you, Sonja, and Brent now." Thank you, dear Aunt.

Here is the happy couple (Phil & Dana) with the wedding party - the whole kit & caboodle.

And then there's the Vernon family - not nearly the whole kit & caboodle.

And then you have Brent & I (looking slightly fuzzy around the edges) with the happy couple.

Anyway, there you have it. By 3:30pm I was back in the car headed toward Cincinnati with my Uncle Mike & Aunt Ruthie. Fortunately, we decided to stop for the night, so I actually got some good sleep. (Yay!)

This week has been full of the Leadership Conference & the Inner City Summit held here on the Hilltop. Dr. H.B. London, from Focus on the Family, was here as the special speaker for the Leadership Conference, and he was incredible. What a great man - and really fun to listen to as well! I was truly blessed by his ministry.

Oh, yes, Halloween was this week as well, and my best buddy had a costume. Please indulge me a few moments of unadulterated gushing.

Cool, huh?

Well, that about wraps it up. "Well, it's about time," you say. "Maybe you should post more often," you say. "Perhaps then you wouldn't have to do these monster blogs that we must wade through in the vain hope that you will amuse us," you say. Sigh. You are right. *hangs head in shame* I'll try to do better. ...But I probably won't, so Jesus is just going to have to help you endure...or you could always just quit reading. But you know you don't want to do that. What if, maybe...just maybe, I actually entertain you at some point? Are you sure you want to risk it?

Something to think about this week.



coffeechica said...

hey! so excited to finally see an update! okay, had to rub it in a bit lol! anyhoo... i think you are cool, thx for everything!! and for being my exercise buddy too!
with love :D

Char said...

Once more I smile at your creative writing techniques and groan as I identify with bits and pieces of your schedule. Is it not lovely to be busy rather than bored???... and thus I encourage myself to keep plodding - I mean running.
Thanks for sharing the pics of the wedding and all other activities you are involved in...breaks up the lengthy reading you know...

jenny said...

You gotta love that comment by your aunt...just wanted to add I LOVE your single perspective. I was reminded of when you played the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi at our wedding while Robb sang...wow, it's been so long since I've heard you sing or play your violin. Wish I could have heard you and Brent!

Kimberly said...

Glad you're back..enjoyed the pics..ah, the fun of being single at weddings!!..Carson looks adorable!..take a sec. to "calm down"!:)

Nancy said...

Enjyed all your pictures. And your musings :)

LadyAnne said...

~~~What if, maybe...just maybe, I actually entertain you at some point? Are you sure you want to risk it?~~~

I don't really think there is much of a risk, is there?
:) J/K
Cool pics!


julie f said...

You look so pretty in these photos!

Thanks for the updates and pictures!

Take care and blessings on your day!

Liz said...

Such great pictures of your dear family! Phillip and I haven't seen Paul in such a long time....you all looked great!!!!

Liz said...

Reading your blog reminded me that I didn't even get to give you an appreciative hug at YC. I think there was some kind of squirming bundle in my arms and another escaping my watchful eye - please forgive me - and consider yourself hugged and appreciated, if you could. :>)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Wow! What kind friends. You all give me warm fuzzies. I shall sit here and enjoy them for a while. Thanks!

Tara said...

Loved being with you even if ever so briefly. You know my girl thinks you hung the moon!:)

Love you, friend.

maryellenhuff said...

Don't you just love the things people point out at weddings when one is single...like you don't really know you are single so someone feels the need to point it out!?!? My favorite was always "When will it be your turn?" or some equally retarded question when one isn't even dating - used to drive me nuts! Then when it is your turn, you are barely back from your honeymoon when the same people want to know when your children will arrive - AUGH!

Hopefully you've come up with a really funny answer to give, I had a few I was tempted to use but was never brave enough to try. "-)

Great pictures - I always enjoy your blogs when life slows down enough for you to write them!

kayla said...

Love all the YC pictures. Thanks for your condolences at the absence of my presence, all my friends where not so kind.
Love the wedding pictures. I had been hoping to see some and you did not dissappoint.

The Lazy Philosopher said...

ryc: Thanks for the encouraging words! I'm sure I'll finish eventually, I only lack the courage to take it any further. :o) I pound away at it fairly regularly, so I have the end of the year as a goal. Then we'll see about actually doing something with it.

Cindy said...

Ahh...she's back! Thanks for the great read, and some equally great pictures. So glad you and Brent had safe journeys, sang your songs..and everything went well. Yeah, I love being single at weddings. When it's time for the bride to throw the bouquet, I usually conveniently have to leave, or at least slump way down in my chair so as not to be called out :) No way, Hosea, am I gonna try to catch yet another bouquet.

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. You know I posted that flute picture just for you. Next time you come over, I'll favor you with a beautiful song...hehe..or maybe I'll play Dad's trombone for you. You will NEVER get over that! btw, we missed you something fierce at Homecoming at my church. But the Lord did help, and we appreciated your prayers. I had some pumpkin spice coffee in your honor :)
'K, done writin' my book now. Love you bunches!

Making Memories 1999 said...

Oh, friend, it was SOOOO good to see you and Brent at YC!!

Enjoyed your post with the pics! You have been one busy lady!! Hope you can "slow down" a little now. (HA! Like that happens on a college campus!!) Take care!!

Kim M. said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! I enjoyed seeing the pictures of several of the Vernon clan that I have not seen since my teen years in Alabama.

Juwah said...

YOUR BACK, hooray!!

Loved the update. By the way, who are those beautiful middle-aged babes in your photo? WOW, they are way above average lovely.

God Bless,

cheriepasbjerg said...

Too cool, Sofie had that same costume, she hated the coat. Love the pics of the girls, and you look so good! And don't let anyone rush you, you have plenty of time to meet a great man and make great babies, or maybe not. As long as you are happy! Being single has its perks too! I was single til what most people considered "old maid " terrritory and loved it! Funny how some people view being single in your 30's. I remember when I thought 27 was "old"--enjoy yourself (as I am sure you are) hysterical! Love to you--Cherie

Anita D said...

Loved seeing the picture of the old HSBC gang. Glad you got to hear the Charlotte PHC show. Hope all is well with you.