A Quiet Wood

A Quiet Wood

Thursday, November 15, 2007

In the Quiet.

I sit here in my "chair of power" in the Dean of Women's office, and for one brief, shining moment everything is still. No talking, laughing, running in the halls (grrr). It is quiet all around me. This is a bit unusual for a Thursday morning, but all is calm and (oddly enough) all is fairly bright as well. (Hmmmm, where have I heard that before?) Needless to say, I'm enjoying it immensely. I think the thing that makes this moment so special is its rarity. Something that is uncommon often becomes precious to us, and these minutes are no exception. My life has been full lately - full of kids in crisis (sickness, family problems, major spiritual issues) but also full of joy as I am reminded over and over again just why I'm here; why I have a job where my phone can ring at any hour because someone "needs" me.

I am also reminded that in the fullness of our lives, we can always have a "quiet place" where our ears are tuned to hear the still small voice of our Father. A song comes to mind that has become a favorite of mine in the last few years.

Mid all the traffic of the ways,
Turmoils without, within,
Make in my heart a quiet place,
And come and dwell therein.

A little shrine of quietness,
All sacred to Thyself,
Where Thou shalt all my soul possess,
And I may find myself.

A little shelter from life's stress,
Where I may lay me prone,
And bare my soul in loneliness,
And know as I am known.

A little place of mystic grace,
Of self and sin swept bare,
Where I may look upon Thy face,
And talk with Thee in prayer.

- John Oxenham, 1917

Well, in the process of writing this post, the quiet has been shattered. My little charge who was sleeping next door has awakened, and the room is now filled with his baby gibberish (another wonderful sound). People have come and gone from my window, but the stillness of soul, the quiet place, remains.

May all of us take time this day to "be still (even for a moment) and know that [He] is God".


Juwah said...


I so enjoyed this relaxing post. I too am enjoying a rare moment of quiet. You helped me enjoy it more. Blessings friend.

Toots said...

Oh, so good...beautifully stated.
And, I just noticed the "thought for the day quote" again, "When we see the face of God we shall know that we have always known it." - C. S. Lewis
Love it!

Jo said...


kayla said...

Just what I needed tonight.

Cindy said...

Really enjoyed your post, as always. It reminded me to take the time for those quiet moments.

I left you a message on your cell. I really want to see you soon...spend some time vegetating. The hours at the pool seem so long ago..sigh.

Love you, friend!

Anita_Dalkin said...

Such a good reminder. I even felt the stillness and peace in your post.
It is so important that we sit at Jesus feet, soak it all up and fill up so that we are full and running over ready to serve others.

Kimberly said...

Beautiful words..."Mystic grace"..what a worthy pursuit.
It is an absolute must to have that core of peace. Glad you shared this...Love You!

Charity said...

Just what I needed tonight, too. Sitting here listening to Roger Whittaker sing Christmas music- perfect relaxation, indeed.

Making Memories 1999 said...

Thank you for sharing this!!

Sarah Cook said...

Thanks for that post! Have had a bit of trouble finding that quiet place... need to find it real soon. Say, if you don't go away for Christmas break, you are welcome to visit... I really like visitors... although my house rarely stays clean for long with all that is going on and with toddlers... I don't know what my excuse was in college for a messy room?! Due to all the doctor's appointments, and hubby's treatments, you might want to call first, or you might miss me. I do have a question for you if you get the chance to call! Thank you for all your prayers. Love ya! Sarah

Tara said...

Missing you, friend.....where are ya?!?

Is your pa feeling better? Been thinkin' about your fam. Hope all is well...

Josh said...

It was good to spend some time with you over the holiday. Thanks for another wonderful offering!

Tom Glidewell said...

Hey Sonya, please tell the avon lady to quit calling my house!!!!!!