A Quiet Wood

A Quiet Wood

Friday, June 6, 2008

Subber is a Cubbid' Id...

For those of you who are completely flummoxed at the title...I've been having to talk while holding my breath today since I am now ensconced in Diaper Change Central for the summer (my mom runs a home day care). Sometimes those diapers can be gruesome. *gag*

But...I'm home! Yay! I drove down the beginning of this week, eating copious amounts of sunflower seeds along the way to stay awake. Hopefully they won't have any adverse effects. (However, I do find myself adjusting toward the sun from time to time.)

The end of the year was full of activities, so I think I'll just bombard you with some photos and spare you the brilliant discourse.

May found me at...a bridal shower for my buddy, Heidi. You go girl!! She's getting married in two weeks, and I am excessively happy for her.

A last photo shoot with my Discipleship Group. Most of them are growing up and leaving the nest. :(

A "Dean Staff" photo shoot. I actually could use your help praying about this one. I have to replace some of my RA's due to the reality of graduation. Three of these in the picture are moving on. *sob* I have been so blessed with my office staff. They are top notch young ladies. One is going to nursing school, one is getting married, and one is going to the mission field. I'm so proud of all of them!! Anyway, I need God's wisdom about replacements. (Pray...hard. Yes, you...lurker.)

Moving on...Memorial Day! What an incredible day I had with my favorite brother. He is so good for my heart. What a blessing to be with someone who speaks the same language and who loves you...period. Ahhhhhhh.

We decided to have a picnic. I was so self-impressed (you may all feign surprise) that I had remembered everything. However, when we arrived, I realized that the box of matches that I brought did not have a flint strip on the side. We tried striking the matches on the grill, the picnic table, our heads, but all to no avail. We then devised a "Brilliant Plan" that involved the cigarette lighter in my car and a slow and tedious walk from the car to the grill bearing the slowly burning bag of charcoal. Anyway, it worked!! We ate the steaks to prove it.

We also had happy watermelon.

A great day!

I also had time for a day at the zoo with my buddy and his special family.

And then, my buddy had a birthday, so his family got together to worship and pay homage to the beloved Child.

There was a cool cake made by Mommy.

Although, the birthday boy had a bit of difficulty with the taste...

But he seemed to manage quite nicely...

...and enjoy all his happy presents.

All in all, it was a good month...May. Lots of good things. Lots of friends. Lots of love. Indeed, who could ask for more?

I had planned to leave you with some thoughts from my devotions this morning, but I've already had to retype part of this once for some reason (the computer gods hate me), so I think I'll leave that for another time.

Until next time, a blessed summer to you all!


coffeechica said...

hey :) i really enjoyed this post. looks like your summer is going good so far. I am doing good too :) I just started job. I have thought of you many times and prayed for you. Oh and I'm going strong in the right direction... you know, this is long and i still have blabbering. lol do you check your gbs email? maybe you could send me an email addy to reach you if it's alright :) much love

Kimberly said...

I feel bombarded!:) In a Lovely sort of way!
Glad you're "home" safe and sound.
I found the picnic match situation story VERY amusing!....Love Ya!

Jo said...

Two comments...First, the video of Carson made me literally laugh out loud. Great kid. Second, you know you have been a student at GBS too long when the Dean Staff almost doubles. On the other hand, maybe you just know I'm student...lol.

Beth said...

I want to tell you that I've enjoyed reading your blog!

Yes, I'm a stranger to you, but I am related to Kimberly N. from Louisiana, and I found your blog from her blog site.

Your life sounds like a wonderful adventure, and I hope that you are documenting it.

God does bless us with wonderful friends, and I'm sure all of yours would say the same about you!

God Bless!
Beth Larpenter-Shurbutt

Liz said...

Glad you are home safely! God Bless you this summer...rest and have fun!!

kayla said...

I'm soooooooooo glad that you're home for the summer, but I am concerned about the sunflower seeds. I know another who keeps himself awake on long drives in the same manner, the adverse effects are not pleasant. No, it's not Harold.
Loved the video! What did she put in that icing?

Mary Ellen said...

One of the funniest 1st birthday videos I've seen - he acts like he is eating spinach instead of chocolate. Wish chocolate tasted like that to me!

Welcome home!

Ratcliff Bunch said...

You make me smile. Actually you make me laugh hysterically. I will miss you much this summer. Please come back soon. Love ya!

Sarah Cook said...

Hey! Enjoyed the update! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! Enjoy your Summer! I used to think it would be cool to be an RA! But, then, when I became a youth pastor's wife and a mama (I figured the combination would be about the equivalent), I think it would be a bit stressful (especially if you had fellow student that sang the National Anthem at midnight... telling on myself again!).
Love ya! Be careful with those seeds!

Kim M. said...

I loved your blog title!
And I have never seen anyone gag over chocolate! (diapers but not chocolate!) ha!!! That cake looked appetizing to me!
The watermelon looked good too!
Glad your summer is going well.

Detective Darlin' said...

Hey Ms. V!
I can totally relate to not being able to breathe when changing kids diapers... eww... lol. I hope you're having a good summer though from the looks of it you're having an awesome summer.

Lisa R said...

At least Dixie used store-bought icing; she couldn't take it personally that way! :-) Your blog is such a cheerful place to be! Whether it's seeing you in person or reading up on your latest, you make me smile!

Anonymous said...

So great to hear from all of you! A special shout out to you first time commenters!! Welcome! I'll have to add your blogs to my reader. :)

Blessings to you all. Hopefully more will follow soon.

Anita said...

I am closing my blog down to Invite Only. If you wish to continue visiting my blog please email me at amdalkin@gmail.com and I will send you an invitation.

cheriepasbjerg said...

Too funny love the birthday cake. Have a great summer, xoxo

Marty said...

I enjoyed hearing you sing tonight at the TLC service via the web! It makes me miss you very much!! Consider yourself hugged!!

Juwah said...

Really really enjoyed the photo journey through May. Glad you are home, but sad I missed you.

David and Sarah Fry said...

So....where are those pictures of all that fun you're having down home?

Martha C said...

Chuckling (as usual) at your humor! :-) Who is Heidi marrying?

Wesley said...

I loved reading your blog, as usual. I hope the remainder of the summer is wonderful for you!

Karen Carroll said...

I loved your "Florida Garage Sale Adventure Story"! Very cute! I especially liked the picture of your mom driving with the early morning clouds awakening the sky!