A Quiet Wood

A Quiet Wood

Monday, June 30, 2008

A Suspension of Summer

For those of you wondering about the word "suspension" in my title, I use it in its scientific sense. A suspension (unlike a solution) is a mixture like pepper and water in which one ingredient will not dissolve the other (small rocks and water, small children and water...things like that). This blog promises to be just so. If you, dear reader, are expecting smoothness of flow and startling continuity, you are about to be sadly disappointed. Due to my utter lack of initiative (call it summer slothfulness), I have been amassing a great host of experiences which have yet to be recorded. That, my friends, is the purpose of this blog, an absolute juggernaut of information that I hope will not overwhelm you too intensely. So here goes...

A Day With Mom
by Sonja

It was 5:15am on Saturday. Sonja was sleeping in her bed.

All at once, her alarm clock sounded. "Beep! Beep! Beep!"

"What is going on?", Sonja wondered. "Why is my alarm clock beeping?"

And then Sonja remembered. It was her Day With Mom! They were going to Yard Sales! Oh, joy!

Soon she and Mom were in the car. Mom was Happy! She loved to yard sale.

The first yard sale was pretty good, but Sonja didn't get much. She also went back to the car before Mom did.

Then it started to rain, but Mom and Sonja braved the rain. They would not be deterred. They were very proud of their bravery.

The rain came down harder...

...and harder.

But they still got a few cool things.

After they were finished, Mom and Sonja met Dad at their favorite breakfast place, The Royal Cafe. Mom and Dad love to eat breakfast. They also love each other.

Eating at Royal Cafe is finger lickin' good. Right Dad?

After their yummy breakfast, Mom and Sonja went to the dented can store to get Bargains...

...and to the flea market to get a watermelon.

Their last stop was at Staples to buy Stapley stuff.

After their big outing, Mom and Sonja were tired. It was time to relax in the Pool!

So they did. It was fun. What a great day to be with Mom.

The End.

Heidi's Wedding

Weekend before last, I flew up to Cinci to enjoy the joyous occasion of my buddy Heidi's nuptials. Heidi married a wonderful man, Nathan Easley. They make a terrific couple. The wedding was beautiful in its simplicity and sacredness. It made my heart go, "Ahhhhhhh". I also was able to spend a little bit of time with Julia, who braved the trip from Illinois. It was lovely to see her as well. Here are just a few shots of the blessed event.

Nathan with the girls.


Hope. (The group, not the emotion.)

The musicians...amazingly talented, all. :)

The cake (by Marianne), both beautiful and exceedingly tasty.

A really beautiful day. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it!

Cake Decorating Lessons

Speaking of cakes... On Thursday, my mom invited some young ladies over to our house who were wanting to learn how to decorate cakes. It basically turned into a "Fun With Icing" party, but a good time was had by all nonetheless. I even decorated a little cake myself with results that weren't too terrible.

Our "class".

My cake and I. I will be taking orders shortly.

Finally...Our Backyard Zoo

Some people have to go to zoos to see critters, but here in South Florida, one never knows what one will see in the back yard. Friday morning I saw this.

An armadillo just making himself at home. He actually made it all the way up to the back porch.

Fortunately, he opted not to come in.

Well, that's about it. At least that's all I have pictures of. For those of you who have successfully made it through this entire post, I salute you! *salute* You are either extremely kind or extremely bored. (There may be a few other options in there as well.) Blessings to you all!


Butternut said...

Thanks for the pics of Heidi's wedding. Several folks talked about it, but I hadn't seen any pics. Have a great summer!

Alanna said...

She finally posted! :) I'm glad that through the summer I can still experience "Ms. V-ness." You brighten my day! (Cool armadillo - I think GBS needs a new mascot.)

cheriepasbjerg said...

Love the yard sale excitement, brings back memories of when I was young and my mom did that. By the way, your eye brows look spectacular. You are so blessed to have those. I am jealous of the pool, (and also of your eyebrows)that looks really nice and I am glad it stopped raining so you could enjoy it.

Kimberly said...

(Laughing at Cherie's love of your brows...I laugh because I am also noticing them...lookin good!)

You are hysterical and also quite the brilliant one with your wordiness:)!

Isn't breakfast the best meal out? (for that matter, any meal out is great!)

The pics were delightful...

I cannot imagine how thrilled you must have been with that armadillo!!!

I'm glad you posted...it appears your summer is providing some rejuvenation! (sp?) VERY glad for that! Love ya!

Vespasian said...

Marianne Brown had better watch out! There is a new cake decorator in town. :o)

Kelly S said...

Actually, I'm pretty impressed with your cake decorating. Very cute!

I love yardsales too...but not in rain:)

Tim said...

Love the post!! the pictures of your day with mom were pretty great and creative!! It had been a while since you posted and I was a feared that you were suspending yourself for the summer... LOL!! I didn't realize that your mother was giving cake classes... if I had known I would have had her teach us when she was up last. Oh well, I guess we will just have to order them from you.... um, do you deliver? Ha, Ha!! Talk to you soon!

Making Memories 1999 said...

I loved this post!! Especially the yard sale part! I'll have to admit, I'm a little jealous, as I'd love to be able to yard sale with your Mom once! (Ok, not the 5:15 AM part...or in the rain!) But it looks like you had a fun morning!

Your cake looks great! So glad you are enjoying your summer!

Mary Ellen said...

Your friendly creature's cousin, uncle, brother or something has been roaming about our backyard and making a mess with his snout as he looks for ants...grrr...I want him SHOT!!! You want to take him back to Ohio? Just let me know!

Cherie's comment made me go back and take a closer look at those eyebrows, yes indeed...they are lovely.

Charlene wanted to be at the cake class but had a conflict, I really like yours...you make great spots!

Enjoyed your trio Sunday morning, you three sounded like you'd been singing together for years...I am hoping for several more performances while you are here.

5:15 AM??? Ugh, I'm not sure you could haul me out of bed at that hour for a good sale, bad sale or any other sale. They need to have evening garage sales for us night owls!!! "-)

Tara said...

You are the BEST, my dear friend! Your posts bring more happiness than the average day allows and I thank you for that. This post ranks at the top of my all-time-greatest-Sonja-posts. Albeit, it made me miss you quite badly! When you get back to Cincy, we must needs get together.

You(and your eyebrows) are looking quite sensational. You go girl! Love you!

Tara said...

p.s. Even though I gushed with happiness over your new post, I confess there is bitterness and envy in my heart. You are browned as the proverbial biscuit. So unfair!

Lisa R said...

If I was a children's book publisher, I'd be hot on your trail!! The size of that yard sale is enough to make me want to drive all the way to Florida, rain or no rain! They don't make 'em that big up here! Glad you're having a great summer; and also glad I'll be seeing more of you come August!

Lisa R said...

By the way, the facial expressions in your "Day with Mom" story are to absolutely die for....You're hilarious!

Dorothy Bowen Klass said...

Your yard sale adventure reminds me of the many similar times I've had with my mom. One time that was especially memorable was just as we were leaving the yard sale I backed into the lady's mailbox, saw the entire thing go flying up into the air while everyone at the yard sale stared at us. Mom and I were dying laughing in the front seat. Those were the days!!!

Sarah Cook said...

Your post cheered me! You are way too funny! Enjoyed the pictures! Just went to the zoo yesterday... sure would have saved me money if the zoo came to me... well, actually, that might be a bit dangerous. I actually read through your post because I was very interested and I REALLY needed a mommy break! Have a great Summer!

Anita said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Love your Yard Sale story. I too noticed your lovely eye brows and gorgeous tan. Say hello to your lovely parents for me.

kayla said...

Okay I liked everything, but the "Day With Mom" is truly a classic. You are so brave to post pictures of yourself first thing in the morning. Maybe I would be so brave if I had good brows.
I too enjoyed our evening out. We will do it again before you leave. We also have to play Balderdash, I need an evening of Mr.V humor.

Charity said...

Ditto to all above~ love the pics!!!! Too funny... With my mom, it would have been all the thrift stores instead. She actually passed up going to the beach with me and Mary Ellen to go to the local consignment shop ;o) Glad you're having a wonderful time!

Blog of a College Student said...

Love your posts, Miss V! There always interesting ... This is Ruth Ann, by the way, I just thought I'd let you know that I just got a blog..so anyways hope you're having a great summer! Have a happy 4th of July!

Jo said...

Great to read another one of your amazing blogs. Miss you!

Jo said...
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Juwah said...

Alrighty then. I loved your post, so I guess that makes me bored or perhaps a good friend who is interested in your back yard critters. I feel inclined to mention your eyebrows just because of peer pressure. I think you've always had nice eyebrows (very neat, as are your finger nails) Anyway, just for the record, I think when you have such dark hair eyebrows are an essential part of the face. So keep yours. I've noticed many young people who are going with the TINY version of eyebrows...not good to my thinking. Perhaps your well-balanced brows will inspire them. Ok, those were words I thought I'd never see myself write in public.... So, can I have a peice of cake?

Toots said...

Your cake is gorgeous, Sonja! Enjoyed your post as always! You never fail to entertain and inspire! Hope you're having a terrific summer!

Sara Teter said...

Ahh... What a sweet reminder of dorm life as I read through your blogs that express life as only you could. I thoroughly enjoyed them. All of they eyebrow comments are cracking me up. I have always admired them, just so you know! =P I am jealous of your summers in FL which I dearly miss and haven't been there since Cora's wedding. *sniff I'm just now discovering all the gbs bloggers and am thrilled to find them. It's like a link to the past and present. I miss it but life is grand still and moving right along! I am a new blogger but check it out! I can only hope to be half as entertaining as thou art.

The Canfield Family said...

How nice of you to go with your mother garage saling! She looks so happy, I wonder if it is because you went with her, or else she found a treasure, or maybe because your father joined you for breakfast?????? (By the way, where is the Royal Cafe?)

I enlarged the picture of that big garage sale so I could see what was on the tables. It looked like a good one......I hope she found some good stuff!

Now, did you get up early and go with her today?

Andy, Dixie & "Bean" said...

That is quite a collection of topics. Nice to read an update and see pictures.
See you soon.

Kim M. said...

I -of course- had to go back to earlier posts and pictures of yourself and see if your eyebrows had been bushy in the past. Nope... same lovely eyebrows. Now why weren't their loveliness mentioned before?

I enjoyed the pictures and updates. Glad to see pictures of Heidi's wedding too.

Travis said...


you sang beautifully sunday morning.
and it did not sound like an easy song to sing,
you have a great voice.
thanks for sharing it with us when you're here.


Ratcliff Bunch said...

Please tell me that you did not set your camera on delay and jump back in bed for the pic. You amuse me greatly. If Joey were wise he would pay you to blog more often. You make me laugh.