A Quiet Wood

A Quiet Wood

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

All Over the Page

*The following will be much more enjoyable if anytime one sees a "ha ha" one reads it in a monotone. One can even do this in one's head if one is especially good at imagining things. (I'm not really sure who "one" is, he just kind of slipped in there.)*

Well, hello there, faithful friends and lurkers. After much busyness, I have returned (even if briefly) to the cyberworld. So as not to stress those of you who struggle with long and verbose ramblings, I will condense the last couple of days into more of a pictorial journey.

To start things off, for those of you who don't know, the graft site from my leg became very infected, and they had to take the whole leg. (See photo at right.) I am hoping with therapy and a good prosthetic device to be as good as new in no time. I may even be able to join some special athletic teams, etc. I'm really looking forward to this new chapter in my life.

OK, JUST KIDDING. Stop before you call the prayer chain. This picture was from a belated Christmas party that my girls gave for Dixie (my assistant & right arm -- or left leg as the case may be) and me. Last night they set up a Christmas tree and gave us stockings full of gifts and signed posters with well wishes. It was so beautiful! *sniff* I would post pictures of us with the girls, but they were in pj's, and this is a holiness site. They also gave a sheriff badge to me and a deputy one to Dixie. They are so funny -- ha ha.

Sheriff -- ha ha.

Dixie & I with all the trimmings -- woo ha. The bulge in Dixie's front is her son, whom we hope will be making an appearance very soon. He is already a funny child. He loves band music. (The fact that he likes band music is not what makes him funny!)

Anyway, on to tonight. Tonight was the final meeting of my discipleship group. I love these girls. They make me laugh hard! I have really enjoyed studying the Bible with them and growing closer as a group. *Shameless plug* If you ever have a chance to disciple a group of young people in a small group setting -- take it! It will bless and change your life. *Shameless plug is over* Anyway, we ate good food (cooked by yours truly) and had a really fun last meeting.

Finally, how are you doing, you ask. (Thank you for asking.) The good days are getting better and more frequent. The bad days are still unexpected and unsettling. Overall, I am most pleased. I am using very few pain meds. (For anyone who was worried about an addiction problem, worry no longer. Another joke. Ha ha.)

In all seriousness, I am very blessed to have an amazing Heavenly Father whose grace consistently astounds me. I am humbled at His nearness and the fact that He IS -- whether we sense Him ...or not.


Making Memories 1999 said...

Sorry, I already called the prayer chain after reading the third paragraph and BEFORE reading the fourth!! So, if you get an influx of callers and/or mail, just remember how much we love you!

kayla said...

Now you made me laugh hard and out loud. I hope I didn't wake up Harold. Speaking of prosthetics.
Did you hear about the dog with four wooden legs?

Tara said...

You people are nuts! Where did I get friends like you anyway???!! Dog with four wooden legs?......

ANYWAY, thank you for the update, Sonja! Although I confess that for just a split second I found myself going "OHHHH NOOOOOO".....before I got to the amputation part of course.
I enjoy your writing style so much. Mostly because it sounds exactly like you. As if you were just talking straight to us yourself. So fun! Keep 'em coming, okay?

BTW, I would like to join in on the "BOO FOR ALIENATION" comment you left on Juwah's blog. I like that! What a great concept. Like a motto for our little group of blogging buddies. 'BOO FOR ALIENATION' (sorry, I like to chant things) :)
Love ya!

Kimberly said...

I actually snickered out loud..not at the leg thing, but at you w/your bible and hand in the air..ala Sis. Mooshian..not sure if that was the response you were going for, but pretty great!! Glad you've had a fun ending to a tough (to put it mildly) semester. Much Love & Amusement

(BTW, will be checking out your comment on J's..the one on mine WAS a leetle bitter...but that's OK...I did respond in a very wise, sage way, as you can imagine:):)
(Maybe the lateness of the hour is responsible for these turns of phrases....)

Liz said...

Hey, It's me Lizzy in Oklahoma! I am so happy to find your spot! I gave in to an immense amount of peer pressure as well . . . iluvdarrell.blogspot.com - come see me! :>)

I loved reading your update - made me miss you! I'll be there for GBS graduation! :>) I've not been back much at all for four years! I'm excited/nervous - don't ask me why!
Take care!

Barry Dingle said...

Hello my friendly Lurkee! Just your friendly neighborhood lurker wandering around cyberspace, checking in on old friends. Never mind that I am actually missing my right leg! My uncle Rober used to say, "You stand here, and I'll stand there . . . we'll look like a couple of ticks on a possums ear!" He was missing his left leg too, and was crazy as a loon (which explains the afore-mentioned idiotic statement).

Good ol' uncle Rober. Somewhere, his parents lost the "T" that was supposed to tie up the loose ends of his name. I think it was the fact that Mumma had no teeth and couldn't bear to make that "t" sound when callin' him. "Robertttthhh" just didn't sound right.

Good to see you! Stop by sometime and say hello!

Anonymous said...

Kimberly, Yes, I was thinking of Sis. Mooshian and pictures with her. I thought of you when I posed! :) Also, I have worried a bit about my comment on your page. I may actually do a delete. It was late when I wrote it. I was attempting a bit of dark humor, but I think it went badly. Sorry!

Tara, I agree. I think we should chant things more. MOSTLY we should eschew alienation. "Eschew" is a word that I feel sorry for because it doesn't get used much.

Lizzy, Hey! Welcome! I'll give you a look see!

Becca, Thanks for your concern. I've gotten 43 cards already.

Kayla, I am deeply honored.

Barry, you kind of scare me.

Juwah said...

I just love you. But I am with Tara on the Ooooh NOooo when I read about infection, but knew immediately that you were an idiot when I got to the amputation. Also like Kimberly, I was most amused by the "posed holiness" in the Bible Study photo. I did notice the "real" girl in the back who was excited about the food on her plate. Two last things...well three...I love the ESCHEW ALIENATION chant, I'll be yelling that all day. But it really MUST be capatlaized when written. Secondly, I have a dog with 4 wooden legs, we named him Marathon. Lastly, Barry IS scary. (my new favorite chant. BARRY IS SCARY!!).

Kelly S said...


You had me going for a minute about the infection because of the pink "patch" on your leg. Then when you said the amputation, I realized you must be wearing some very classy fancy tights/socks decorated with pink triangles. Very nice indeed!:)

Don't worry about the comment on Kim's blog. Anyone who knows you and your dry humor, wouldn't take offense and actually, I was really glad to read it. It did make me see it from a different perspective.

You're writing amongst friends.

Anita Dalkin said...

It was good to have an update. You remain ever in our prayers.

Tara said...


What fun.......

Marty said...

All of yal are crazy!

Sonja - love the blog! I knew you'd fool some of these nut cases we call friends! I laughed very hard!

The picture is too funny! Do yal remember the small group that Susan used to lead on Wednesday nights...it was a good excuse not to go to "Big, Empty" Church! Ha! Really thou, we are as close now because we shared so much then!

Love all of yal, except Barry...He scares me ALOT! Who in the sam hill are you? Or do I care to know?

kayla said...

By the way, the dog caught on fire, burnt clear to the ground. So please be careful.
Tell Dixie that she looks really cute.
I love the C. Helen look. Sometime I'll have to sing you my "Campy Woman" song. Your line would be "in my neck of the woods I'm the next C. Helen Mooshian".

Barry Dingle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kimberly said...

Well...thought I was getting close to figuring out who BD is, now I'm more confused...maybe I'm overthinking?

Kimberly said...

AND...I'm so honored that you were thinkin of me when you took that pic!!:) I mean it, I'm truly touched!! Love Ya!

Tara said...

Are you all aware that somewhere in the deep recesses of my garage there exists an actual pic of C. HELEN and ME TOGETHER with our hands raised??? Yep, on the canal in sweet little H.S.

This is true; a photo taken by my Papaw ( I don't even remember why now), just know that it was a source of great satisfaction for me!!
Perhaps I shall have to venture into that barren wasteland of disorganization and dig it out to post! Perhaps it would cause the corners of some mouths to turn upward, nu?

Tara said...


i just can't let it go, can I?

Juwah said...

I'm laughing very hard, what fun you all are. And I had forgotten how fun it can be to make fun of somebody. (it's something I've given up with Christian maturity and age) But hey, Barry is annoymous, and he lurks around looking at blogs so I say he's fair game. BARRY IS SCARY! BARRY IS SCARY!

Kimberly said...

Hey Sonja and Tara (hope you read this:)There is a pic. of me, Sonja, Sis. Mooshian, amd Nan &Cleo all together in similiar style...if I were cool and had digital access, I'd show you..rest assure it is a GREAT picture!!
(It's Sat. morning and I don't feel up to chanting...)

Juwah said...


You are cool without digital access, cause you have that picture!!

Kelly S said...


Could you send me your email address? Mine is kelly.s@fuse.net.

I hope this is a very good day for you!

By the way, I hope you're not offended by our nonsense and kidding. You're too much fun!

Tara said...

Dear Sonja,

Please come back to blog world. We miss you!

And I suspect perhaps you're busier than you should be?!? tsk, tsk.

Take it easy!

Anita Dalkin said...

For some strange reason I couldn't find a way of posting a comment on your thread called "Excuses". I just wanted to say I understand and would love you to read my posting about it on my blog at http://gadalkin.blogspot.com/